The Library as a Place to Stand

A couple weeks ago I spoke at the 2017 board meeting of the Friends of the Abilene Public Library.  Tasked with a making a speech of 20 minutes (or less) on a topic of my choosing, I decided to preach to the choir.

This group is already committed to libraries.  They donate thousands of hours on behalf of our city library in the form of facility and program development, publicity, fundraising, and advocacy.  Their work is largely unheralded because so much of its behind the scenes.  But all of it is vital work.

So, what to say?  Good question.  I decided to articulate why their support is so important and motivate them for continued shared work on behalf of our libraries.  It is an inductive speech: it builds a case to ask a question.  Throughout the speech I repeat refrains like ‘this is what we know.’ I want to underscore what I think are our shared values and having articulated them, use them to ask a question to move us forward.  Again, I’m preaching to the choir, but I want the choir to keep at it.

Here is the full speech: The Library as a Place to Stand.  It is also available on the Spoken Word page.





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