New Shops Church rescinds Cave’s and McKissick’s invitation, West Nashville, 1907

In 1907 R. Lin Cave and J. T. McKissick, minsters at Nashville’s Vine Street and 17th Street Christian Churches (respectively) engaged in a evangelistic tent meeting in near-west Nashville around the vicinity of New Shops Church of Christ.  This note from the July 18, 1907 Gospel Advocate clarifies that by 1907 the rift between local Christian Churches and Churches of Christ was deep and widening.  In 1907 the New Shops Church of Christ, also known as Winston Avenue Christian Church, was a young congregation in a growing working-class neighborhood.  I blogged about this congregation several years ago.  This item from the 1907 Advocate sheds light on the character of the congregation in its earliest years.  I am still in search of any scrap of information about this congregation: photographs, directories, bulletins, paper or ephemera of any kind.


W. J. Cullum, “A Statement,” Gospel Advocate, July 18, 1907, p. 16.

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