Never Such a Book Offer: A List of F. L. Rowe’s publications, 30 June 1931

When I copied this page Cassius was on my radar as my red-pencil underline indicates.  The ‘Standard Books’ in the lower left column are from Standard Publishing Company, Cincinnati, O.  Ah…if these could be had today at 1931 prices…”perfect in every way and clean” at that!

Christian Leader 1931 book list

The Millenium and the Second Coming of Christ, A Tract by Ira C. Moore

Ira C. Moore, The Millenium and the Second Coming of Christ, undated tract, about 8.5 x 14 in. folded once; perhaps printed by F. L. Rowe in Cincinnati.  K. C. Ice tucked it into an envelope sometime after 9 November 1936, in which envelope it still resides.  I assume the typewritten notation at the top of the first page from Moore is to K. C. Ice; I further assume Moore’s forthcoming article was to appear in the pages of Rowe’s Christian Leader, of which Moore was an editor from 1910 until his death in 1938 (inclusive of his editorship of the Christian Leader and The Way).

Moore, Millennium 1

Moore, Millennium 2

Moore, Millennium 3

Moore, Millennium 4

Moore, Millennium, envelope

The Holy Spirit As The Bible Teaches, broadside tract by F. L. Rowe

F. L. Rowe is editor and publisher of Christian Leader out of Cincinnati, Ohio.  This broadside tract is undated, ca. 1910’s-1930’s.   Tract theology is underexplored, especially considering how prevalent they were in past generations.  Given the space constraints of tract (or leaflet or broadside) form, they of neccessity must get at the issue quickly while resolving it efficiently.  Among Churches of Christ and Christian Churches tracts are eminently doctrinal and often polemical.  For these reasons they are a very good starting point for historical and theological inquiry into the shape and content of Restorationist doctrinal discourse.  This one is undated, but since Rowe sold Christian Leader just prior to WW2, it must be pre-War.  It gives us a good, brief snapshot view of a pneumatology urged by a conservative Northern publisher from the turn of the century up to the war. Tolle lege!

Christian Leader and The Way, 30 January 1912

In January 1912 KC Ice was Minister at First Christian Church, McMechen, West Virginia. McMechen is on the Ohio River a few miles downriver from Wheeling. See this from April 2012.  I don’t know why this page sparked his interest…well, it was either Charles Neal’s illustrated lesson or the front page article on Christian Science.  I’ll go with Chas. Neal, but who knows.  Who knows what happened the rest of this issue, or the rest of the year’s worth of issues?  Tolle lege!