J. W. Monser, The Literature of the Disciples (1906) available online

Tolle lege!


Here we have an early, if not the earliest, attempt at bibliography among Disciples.  DeGroot and Dowling build on Monser, add to his work and supersede him in 1933. In 1946 Claude Spencer wholly surpassed them all.

Merry Christmas from Reuel Lemmons, 1956

8.5 x 11 Christmas greeting letter from Reuel Lemmons, Editor of Firm Foundation, a major periodical among Churches of Christ, published in Austin, Texas.

R. L. Roberts’ short biographical sketch for The Handbook of Texas Online is a fine starting place; then read Tom Olbricht’s Leaven essay; Jesse Mullins pulls together some Lemmons history here; and Center for Restoration Studies at ACU holds Lemmons’ papers.

Reuel Lemmons, Firm Foundation Christmas letter 1956

Today in Restoration History: 15 November 1842

.Another gem from The Bible Advocate:


Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 15th 1842.

The Bible cause is gaining ground here.  The labors of our excellent and talented brother Wharton have been truly blessed in this city; and many are coming forward daily and obeying the Lord.  Several Methodists and Baptists have also cast in their lot with us, and are taking their stand on the Bible alone and prepared as valiant soldiers for the faith given to the Apostles.  Brother Jones of Missouri has also been with us about two weeks, and was listened to with much attention by crowded houses and I trust has sown the good seed which will soon yield a plentiful harvest.  During his stay between twenty and thirty, if my memory is correct, made the good confession, and obeyed the Lord.  Some gained from the Baptist at the same time.

On Sunday night, October 30th as Bro. Jones has just commenced speaking from the 19 chapter of Luke, 17th and 23rd verse inclusive, a colored woman in the gallery fainted, and in a few moments expired.  After his sermon was concluded, brother Wharton made a few beautiful and appropriate remarks on the awful event, and of the dread and fearful enemy that had come unseen among us, and this suddenly hurried his victim, without a  moment’s warning, into eternity!  He exhorted the careless sinner to delay no longer, for who could assure him that he might not be the next one summoned hence; and entreated the Christians to keep their lamps trimmed and burning, for they knew not when their Lord would return.–My mind was deeply impressed with the solemn truth of these words:  ‘That in the midst of life we are in death;’ and before I slept I pencilled down the following lines, which I send you at the request of a friend, but fear you will scarce think them worth the perusal,  Yours truly in the Lord, CLARA.

Turn, thoughtless mortal, turn and view

The dangers of delay!

Behold death in the midst of life!

Look on this senseless clay!

This breathless form, a moment since,

Was fill’ed with life’s warm glow!

Death came in silence through the crowd,

And struck the fatal blow!

He loosed the silver cord of life!–

He broke the golden bowl!–[79]

And to its long and dread account

Hath sent th’ immortal soul!

But whither gone? as, who can tell!

Hath heaven received its own?

or hath it sunk in dark despair,

Where mercy is unknown!

And death is passing every where,

With swift resistless pow’r!

He pauses not for list’ning crowds,

Nor waits the silent hour!

Aye, even here in God’s own house,

Where Christians meet to pray,

He came, unnoticed by us all,

And bore a soul away!

Then turn, ye careless sinners turn,

In vice no longer roam;

God, by his faithful servants, calls

His wandering children home.

Then harden not your hearts, I pray–

His mercy’s free for all.–

Behold, he saith, I stand and knock–

On every soul I call.

And, Christian, let thy soul apply,

The warning of this night;

And mind, thy lamp be trimm’d and burn,

With pure and steady light:

That when thy master doth appear,

He may thy walk approve;

And say, Thou faithful servant come,

Reign with thy Lord above!


Sunday night, Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 30th, 1842.

“Progress of the Gospel, News from the Churches, &c.” The Bible Advocate 1:5 (December 1842),