Marion Francis Holt’s tract distribution


From January 1st to April 1st, 1942, I have visited 590 homes and have contacted 1,300 persons each month.  Tracts distributed:
1,200 In the Beginning.
1,200 Moses and the One like unto him.
1,200 The promise Land Joshua’s and Ours.
100 Facts concerning the Church of Christ.
150 Copies of the Enquirer
50 Copies the Unsaved Christian.
50 Copies More than Life.
75 Copies Church Music.
100 What a Sinner must do to be saved.
4,125–Total passed out.

Each of the five churches around which I have worked says the attendance was greatly increased.  In the Buena Vista Community we had five members.  While doing this work I found six others not attending anywhere.  One lady of this community, a teacher in the Methodist Sunday school for fourteen years and whose activity and leadership was responsible for that church’s existence there, obeyed the gospel on the strength of these tracts.  Then her husband obeyed making thirteen members there with which we will begin work in a regular way.

The Church of Christ at 26th Avenue and Jefferson Street, with which I have worked for the past ten years, [110] is now distributing 1,000 tracts per month.  This personal tract each month we believe was in a measure responsible for five baptisms, two restorations, and an increase in attendance such as we never had before.

Those who have fellowshiped this work, we thank you, Green Street Church of Christ furnished 600 tracts, Reid Avenue Church of Christ furnished 1,200; Vermont Avenue Church of Christ, Los Angeles, California, through Brother Ijams and Brother Pullias, 1,500 tracts; Mrs. Dr. Fittz, Gallatin, Tennessee, contributed $3.00.

M. F. HOLT, Minister,
Jefferson Street Church of Christ.
1416 Twenty Second Ave., No., Nashville, Tenn.


M. F. Holt, “Report of Tract Disctribution,” Apostolic Times, May 1942, 109-110.

Name Authority for Nashville, Tennessee Stone-Campbell Congregations

Name Authority for Nashville Tennessee Stone-Campbell Congregations

Click above to download a document listing 286 variants of time-, place- and character-names for the 228 known congregations of the Stone-Campbell movement in Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee from 1820 to May 2010.

To my knowledge this is the first such compilation, and therefore, the most complete.  The publication of the list to this blog is a first step in my research toward a book on the Restoration Movement in Nashville.  With over 200 congregations in this county, the congregational research alone will take years, perhaps the remainder of my life.  If I live to be 100 I may not finish even a rudimentary survey.  It may be too much:  too many congregations, too many preachers, too much ‘story’ to tell. 

But this is where I am at the present.  I publish the list here to generate interest, additions, subtractions, corrections and clarifications.  Look it over and if I need to make changes, please let me know.

The story of these churches in Nashville needs to be told.  I ask for your help in telling it.

Nashville Churches of Christ History Group on Facebook

Nashville Churches of Christ History group is open to anyone interested in the Stone-Campbell movement in Nashville and Davidson County.  Here is the first post I made a few days ago:

I envision this community as a place to share common interest in the rich story of the Stone-Campbell Movement in Nashville. I am conducting research for a book which will highlight each congregation of Churches of Christ and Christian Churches from the 1820’s to the present…basically the entire movement from its beginning in our city until now. I envision this group as a place to share memories, photos, news and generate discussion and interest. Please join and contribute. Please feel free to contact me directly at icekm (at) aol (dot) com.

The group is open to all.  Help spread the word and generate interest.

Oral History Collection to ACU

Click here for the announcement and here for the video describing the donation of this fine collection of material:

The collection consists of 20 separate files, 12 audio cassettes and 5 audio mini cassettes of interviews. The written files contain summary transcripts of the interviews, notes, and related material about each of the individuals interviewed and also essays by Boyd.  Many of the individuals interviewed relate stories about two of the most influential evangelists of the early Churches of Christ: Marshall Keeble and G. P. Bowser.

Thank you to the Boyd’s for undertaking this project and ensuring its preservation.  Thank you to ACU for transcribing the interviews and making the collection available.