The Millenium and the Second Coming of Christ, A Tract by Ira C. Moore

Ira C. Moore, The Millenium and the Second Coming of Christ, undated tract, about 8.5 x 14 in. folded once; perhaps printed by F. L. Rowe in Cincinnati.  K. C. Ice tucked it into an envelope sometime after 9 November 1936, in which envelope it still resides.  I assume the typewritten notation at the top of the first page from Moore is to K. C. Ice; I further assume Moore’s forthcoming article was to appear in the pages of Rowe’s Christian Leader, of which Moore was an editor from 1910 until his death in 1938 (inclusive of his editorship of the Christian Leader and The Way).

Moore, Millennium 1

Moore, Millennium 2

Moore, Millennium 3

Moore, Millennium 4

Moore, Millennium, envelope

Charles M. Neal’s Lessons on the Kingdom, 1914

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When Hans Rollmann’s site is back up and fully available, search for Neal there as well.  Hans mentioned Neal in a comment on an earlier post, so I thought I would upload a few scans from Neal’s booklet, published in 1914 by F. L. Rowe.