Two Cane Ridge Revival items, 1852 and 1889

A few days ago I blogged James Trader’s want-list for the archives at Cane Ridge.  Two items on the list are available on Google Books.  I am pleased to learn of them as I do not recall seeing reference to either.  Here are two points in the history of memory of this momentous event.

First, the Magazine of Western History, December 1889 issue has this long article by Isaac Smucker:

Second, Henry Howe, Historical Collections of the Great West in 2 vols.  Vol. 1 notes the exercises; vol. 2 notes Cane Ridge in particular.

From vol. 1, pp. 189-190:

Volume 2, pages 215ff

J. W. Monser, The Literature of the Disciples (1906) available online

Tolle lege!


Here we have an early, if not the earliest, attempt at bibliography among Disciples.  DeGroot and Dowling build on Monser, add to his work and supersede him in 1933. In 1946 Claude Spencer wholly surpassed them all.