Today in Restoration History: 17 June 1810

After a long hiatus, I intend to resume blogging on a fairly regular basis by the end of the summer.  In the mean time, here is a little gem from Herald of Gospel Liberty of Friday morning 22 June 1810, p. 192.


Hymn on Baptism.

The following Hymn was composed by a Brother, in Portland [Maine], and sung at the water side, Lord’s day, June 17, 1810, where 4 were baptized:–

1 Constrain’d by Love we come,
Down to this water side,
To imitate God’s only Son,
The CHRISTIANS only guide.

2 He has commanded us,
To be Baptiz’d with him;
And cheerfully take up the cross,
Renouncing ev’ry sin.

3 Here then we would begin,
His blessed cross to bear,
In token of our death to sin,
We would be Baptiz’d here.

4 Here we would shew his death,
And resurrection clear;
And him through grace while we have breath
We’ll worship, love and fear.

5 O all that love him come,
What now can hinder you;
Here’s water, you believe the Son,
Then be baptized too.

6 Sinners this is the way,
Christ and th’ Apostles faith;
Believe and be baptiz’d to day,
We’re sure you will be bless’d.

7 As servants here we sing,
And that for joy of heart;
We have believ’d, and will obey,
O God thy grace impart.

My Creed: A Poem by Abner Jones

My Creed

Of all unscriptural names that are
In christian churches, claimed so fair,
‘Gainst them I enter my dissent;
On Christ’s sole name my mind is bent.

The church of Rome and England too,
Are names of men, which once were new;
The highly boasted Baptist name,
And Methodist are all the same.

The Presbyterian, polite,
And Universalist so light;
The honest Quaker, thee and thou,
Are merely names of men, I trow.

Disciple, follower, christian, friend,
For these I equally contend;
With every other scripture sound,
In gospel rule that can be found.

Altho’ these names, I do reject,
Yet those who hold them I respect,
As brethren in the Lord of life;
So live in love and quit the strife.

My fellowship in Christ is bound
To all those souls where love is found
Of every order, sect and name–
in Christ I count them all the same.

A. D. Jones, Memoir of Elder Abner Jones. Boston: William Crosby and Company, 1842, pages 205-206.