The Written Word

Stone-Campbell History

Name Authority for Nashville Tennessee Stone-Campbell Congregations, 5th edition, revised and enlarged. April 18, 2020.  This list comprises 440 variations of time, place and character names for 247 known congregations of the Stone-Campbell Movement in Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee from 1812 to March 2020.

With Quiet Diligence: How Claude Elbert Spencer Formed an Archival Tradition in the ­Stone-Campbell Movement” is a chapter in Garrett B. Trott, The Faithful Librarian: Essays on Christianity in the Profession. McFarland and Company, Inc., Publishers, 2019.

David Lipscomb on Rebaptism: Contexts of a Controversy,” Restoration Quarterly 61:3 (Third Quarter 2018): 129-146. This paper sets David Lipscomb’s position on rebaptism in three contexts. First, to provide a historical context, it states the circumstances of his baptism and examines how and to what ends he employed the narrative of it. Second, to craft a theological context, it contours in a broad way his doctrine of baptism. Third, to furnish an ecclesial context, it scrutinizes the practice of receiving members at Nashville’s South College Street Christian Church, where he served as an elder.

“Martha’s Gift to Posterity: One Pulpit’s Remarkable Story,Tennessee Baptist History 18:1 (Fall 2016): 93-108.  This articles examines, by way of narrating the use of an artifact—a pulpit, the local history of the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ (including especially their early relationship to Baptist Churches) in Nashville, Tennessee.

O, Lord, Hear the Cries and See the Tears of the Baptists”: Garner McConnico Meets Alexander Campbell,” Tennessee Baptist History 18:1 (Fall 2016): 73-92.  A descriptive and interpretive article about the conflict among Baptists in Tennessee concerning the reform ideas of Alexander Campbell, particularly as led and articulated by Garner McConnico. This article is both a critical biographical sketch of McConnico and narrative of Campbell’s earliest conflict among Tennessee Baptists. Of particular focus is the impact Campbell’s teaching had upon Baptists in the Middle Tennessee associations as a context for the establishment and flourishing of the Baptist Church of Nashville, later the Church Street Christian Church.

I contributed three articles to Christian History issue 106 (2013):

-“Did You Know?: Some Famous People from Stone-Campbell Churches

-“How to Speak Stone-Campbell” (co-authored with Doug Foster)

-“From Stone and Campbell to the Great Communion: The Christian History Timeline

A Mission Planted With Such Splendid Seed: Jacob Kenoly and His Liberia Mission is a brief essay I compiled for joint distribution by Disciples of Christ Historical Society and the Division of Homeland Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Between “God’s Unspeakable Gift” and “Still the War Goes On” a second essay for DCHS and DHM.

Archives and Library Science

Co-authored with Brady Kal Cox, “A Descriptive Guide to Missions-Related Archival Collections in the Center for Restoration Studies,” Missio Dei: A Journal of Missional Theology and Praxis, 8(1), Winter-Spring 2017.

Applications of BePress Digital Commons in Special Collections: Initial experiences at Abilene Christian University.” published in 2016 in Journal Of Electronic Resources Librarianship, 28(2), 118-119

Sensitivity, Blessing and Doxology: Archival Practice as Spiritual Discipline” published in Restoration Quarterly 58:3 (Third Quarter 2016): 177-181.


Abilene Christian University Special Collections and Archives:

A Century of Great Songs: E. L. Jorgenson’s Remarkable Hymnal, analog exhibit on display September 2021-present.

“Holding Forth the Word of Life”: Bible Translation and Publication and the Stone-Campbell Movement analog exhibit on display February 2020-August 2021.

“For the good of mankind”: Thomas and Alexander Campbell’s Enduring Print Legacy prepared for display September 7, 2019.

Selections from the Max Lucado Papers analog exhibit on display Fall 2018-Spring 2019.

“The book will be preaching after you and I have gone home”: Marshall Keeble’s Enduring Print Legacy analog exhibit on display Spring 2018- Fall 2018.

Here I Stand: Martin Luther’s Reformation at 500, An Exhibit Celebrating the Quincentenary of the Protestant Reformation analog exhibit on display Fall 2017-Spring 2019.

From West Texas to the World: An Exhibit from the Max Lucado Papers analog exhibit on display Fall 2017- Spring 2018.

Church History

American Religious History: Belief and Society Through Time, edited by Gary S. Smith (Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO), 2020. I contributed three entries: Samuel Davies, Asahel Nettleton, and James A. Garfield; one long article, Revivalism, 1865-1945; and one major thematic essay, African Americans and Religion, Colonial Era to the Civil War.

Book Reviews

Review of W. David Baird, Churches of Christ in Oklahoma: A History (published in Western Historical Quarterly 52:1, Spring 2021)

Review of The Stone-Campbell Movement: A Global History (published in Stone-Campbell Journal 17:1, Spring 2014)

Review of Edward Fudge, Hebrews: Ancient Encouragement for Believers Today. Abilene: Leafwood Publishers, 2009.

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