Name Authority for Nashville, Tennessee Stone-Campbell Congregations

Name Authority for Nashville Tennessee Stone-Campbell Congregations, September 2012

Click above to download a document listing 319 variants of time-, place- and character-names for the 227 known congregations of the Stone-Campbell movement in Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee from 1812 to September 2012.

To my knowledge my work in this area is the only such compilation, and therefore, the most complete.  The initial publication of the list to this blog was in May 2010 as a first step in my research toward a book on the Restoration Movement in Nashville.  I blogged then:

With over 200 congregations in this county, the congregational research alone will take years, perhaps the remainder of my life.  If I live to be 100 I may not finish even a rudimentary survey.  It may be too much:  too many congregations, too many preachers, too much ‘story’ to tell.

But this is where I am at the present.  I publish the list here to generate interest, additions, subtractions, corrections and clarifications.  Look it over and if I need to make changes, please let me know.

While congregational history is only one aspect of this project, this is where it all played out…on the ground in the congregations on a weekly basis.  Few congregations have attempted more than a list of preachers or a narrative of the expansion of the church building.  What I propose, as I wrote above, may be too much…too far to the other extreme.  But that fact changes not one whit the necessity of it being done.

The story of these churches in Nashville needs to be told.  I ask for your help in telling it.  look over my list; I solicit your critique. Contact me at icekm [at] aol [dot] com.

(The first version of the name authority, from May 2010, can be found here.)

4 thoughts on “Name Authority for Nashville, Tennessee Stone-Campbell Congregations

  1. I don’t see anything about the Duke Street church (According to Chris Cotten this was also known at Dickerson Road church of Christ). By the time my father started working with the church on August 1965, it was known as Duke Street.

  2. appreciate the work you are doing. my background is the non sunday school churches and looking through a 1990 directory i find mention of the following congregations in the Nashville area: Westlawn Court church two blocks south of Murphy Rd and 43rd (a Lewis Donneul and Joe Finch are listed as contacts: White House Church at 225 Portland Rd, White House (Ollie Wilkinson contact). White House is home church of former well known and influential preacher among Non class folks, N. E. Rhodes (see http://www.ketchpublishing for collection of Rhodes’ articles). hope this helps,

    david langford, lubbock, texas

    • Thanks David, much appreciated. One of the areas of the history of the RM in Nashville and TN needing much research is the non SS presence. I appreciate your kind words and hope to talk more soon. If you run across anything else… I am eager to learn.

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